Click Here for information on Billing Changes coming this summer.

Billing Changes Coming in 2023

As part of transitioning into the TDS® family, a billing conversion will take place in 2023.

Starting this summer, all customers will receive a paper bill in the mail from TDS with a new account number. Once you receive this new bill, you’ll be able to choose your monthly payment preference.

After you receive your first bill statement from our new system, you can enroll in TDS ePay, use your bank or financial institutions bill payment service, or mail a monthly check.


Billing Changes Information




Current “MyAccount” login credentials will no longer work after TDS completes the billing conversion. You’ll need to create a new login and password from AFTER you’ve received your first bill from TDS.



For your security, we will not transfer your current autopay settings and payment information.

For bills mailed to customers after the conversion date, TDS will not withdraw this month’s automatic payment due to the billing conversion. Customers can pay their first bill by mailing a check, visiting the Mooresville office, or pay by phone (fee applies).