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Q. Why are some of my channels missing?

Verify that the missing channel(s) are included in your monthly subscription. Click on “What’s On” on the home page to see a channel lineup.

Also, all channels now require a set-top box. If you do not have a TDS set-top device on every TV in your home, please call 704-235-6325 to have one shipped to you within five business days. 

  1. Verify connections
    • Are all connections secure and hand tight?
    • Are you using the proper connectors and color coding?
    • Is the cable coming from the wall connected to the “IN” jack on your cable box.
    • If you’re not using a cable box, you now need one.  Please see the statement above.
  2. Check the TV
    • Is the proper input selected (i.e., channel 3, Input 1, Input 2, HDMI, etc.)?
    • Are you using the proper connectors and color coding?
  3. Check the Set-Top Box
    • Is the power on?
    • Is the proper input selected?
  4. Check the cable TV (CATV) setting
    • Does the TV have a cable TV (CATV) switch or function on the on-screen menu? If so, is it set to CATV?
  5. Check the auto-program settings
    • Does the TV have an auto-program function? If so, is it activated?

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