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Notice: “MyAccount” Unavailable

The “myAccount” is unavailable due to the current billing conversion. Customers will be able to register for a new TDS myAccount beginning Monday, June 26. Please visit for more information on how to pay your bill. Thank you for being a TDS customer! The TDS Team

Channel Line-Up Change

Effective March 2, WJZY (currently Movies!) will change its programming to ‘Grit’. Since TDS already offers Grit on channel 106, the new WJZY service on channel 105will be dropped from the channel line-up.

TDS Fiber Information

Future TDS customers near Bells Crossroads, Mazeppa, Doolie, The Point, Brawley School Road or Waterlynn Pool can purchase TDS Fiber products. Please visit for product information and construction dates. The TDS Team

FREE Previews in September for TDS Cable Customers

TDS is bringing you three previews during the month of September! Check out the details below. HBO/Cinemax Free Preview Coming Sept. 6-10 (Channels 301-353) Looking for something new to watch? TDS TV customers are in luck! HBO/Cinemax are teaming up once again for another free preview, Sept. 6-10. Now’s the chance to re-watch your favorite […]

Pay Per View Discontinuing on June 16, 2022

TDS will be discontinuing channel 500, Pay Per View (PPV), and channel 1 Video On Demand (VOD) items for order on June 16, 2022. The Video On Demand for no charge items will remain on channel 1. Customers can purchase PPV movies from Amazon, Apple, or Google stores. To purchase sporting events, we recommend visiting […]

Showtime and TMC FREE Preview

Join us for a FREE preview of Showtime and The Movie Channel April 29 – May 2. You can find Showtime/TMC on channels 361-393. A set-top box is required. In addition to the free preview, TDS TV customers can subscribe to SHOWTIME for 50% off for the next six months! For just $5.50 per month, […]

Say Hello to Faster Internet!

Since becoming part of this community, TDS has invested over 1.7 million dollars to improve our network. Thanks to these enhancements, we’re able to increase the Internet speed for most of our Internet customers at no additional cost.  This upgrade will allow you to connect more devices simultaneously, enjoy higher-quality video streaming, and improve your […]

HBO/Cinemax FREE Preview

TDS is offering a FREE Preview of our HBO and Cinemax channels March 10 – 13.  HBO can be found beginning on channel 301 and Cinemax channels begin on channel 331.  A set-top box is needed. Questions?  Call 704-660-3840 The TDS Team

1 Gig Internet for Your Home is Here!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes making improvements to our network so that we can now offer up to 1 Gig Internet for your home.  1 Gig Internet from TDS is great for: Smooth streaming of 4K and HD on multiple devices Seamless video chatting Downloading and uploading large files Daily telecommuting, teleconferencing and […]

PBS Discontinues Create Channel

As of January 30, 2022, WTVI (PBS) will no longer offer the Create channel which was on our Basic Cable lineup, channel 122.  The deletion of this channel was a PBS decision and not one made by TDS. Thank you, The TDS Team