Q. What calling features do I have?

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FREE Features

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Continuum gives you all the phone features you expect without all the extra charges and fees.  For one low price you get unlimited local and long distance calling to the U.S., Canada and other select territories.

Plus get all this included:

Unconditional Call Forwarding

Forward all incoming calls to an alternative number, without ringing your phone first.

Busy Call Forwarding

Forward incoming calls to an alternative number only when your line is busy.

Selective Call Forwarding

Select a list of calling numbers whose calls will automatically be forwarded.

Caller ID

Displays the name of the incoming caller on your telephone, if your phone has a Caller Display screen or Caller Display unit.

Selective Call Rejection

Select a list of numbers from which incoming calls are to be rejected. A rejection announcement is played to the calling party.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Automatically rejects all calls from withheld numbers.

Priority Call

Select a list of numbers from which incoming calls will ring a distinctive tone.

Reminder Call

This feature will assist you in remembering recurring or one-time appointments. An announcement is played when you answer.

3-Way Calling

Call another party during an existing call and add this party to the call, creating a three-way conversation.

Calling Waiting

Notifies you that a second call is on the line and allows you to switch between the calls.

Call Waiting with Caller ID

Displays the calling number and/or the calling name as part of the notification that a second call is on the line.

Speed Calling

Allows one-digit or two-digit codes to be used as shortcuts for selected phone numbers.

Call Barring

Bar outgoing calls of certain types of numbers from your line

Call Hold

Put a call on hold and then dial another number. You can then switch back to the first call (putting the new call on hold), and switch between the two callers.

Distinct Ring

Have up three additional directory numbers while retaining only one physical line. Calls to the additional numbers go through the existing phone line, but have a distinctive ring tone for each number.

Do not Disturb

All incoming calls will be blocked – going straight into your voicemail.

Battery Backup

Your voice service is installed with a battery backup for use during the loss of electric power. In the event of a power outage, your voice service will be available for up to eight hours on wired or landline phones.

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