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Q. Home Phone System Migration Coming in September

IMPORTANT: Download and save important voicemails as soon as possible

TDS® is planning to make changes to the way you access features on your home phone service. Some calling features may have new commands to access the feature. Please view or download the attached calling feature guide for instructions on how to use the TDS phone features.

Migration Dates:

Mooresville area – September 13th at 08:00am EST

Davidson area – September 20th at 08:00am EST


Download: TDS Calling Features User Guide

Download: Voicemail_User_Guide

If you have a voicemail box on your home phone, a new voicemail box will replace your current mailbox. Please note the following changes and actions required before September 12th (Davidson area) and September 19th (Mooresville area).

  1. Download and save important voicemails ASAP. Any saved messages in your current voicemail box will no longer be accessible. Please make sure you record any important voicemails to another device using a recording feature.

Play your voicemail on speakerphone in front of a tape recorder or recording software on your computer (Audacity is free to download), phone or tablet. iPhones have the voice recorder app, and many Android devices have a similar app (or search the app store). Final step is to listen to the recording make sure you can understand it.

  1. Set up your new voicemail box

After the conversion, you can access your voicemail by pressing *95 from your phone. Setup your own voice greeting or use our default greeting by dialing *95. Follow the prompts to record your greeting and enter a new voicemail PIN.

Download: Voicemail_User_Guide

After the migration, you won’t need to enter your PIN from your home number. To access your voicemail away from home, dial 704-235-1542. The phone number for remote access call forwarding will be changing to 704-235-1530.

  1. International phone charges will now follow TDS international prices

Please visit for specific rates and questions.

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