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Will TDS keep operating? 

Yes, TDS will keep operating. We are confident in our ability to continue to meet your needs!   We have a plan in place to allow non-customer facing employees to work from home, and others to continue working in the field. Our retail offices will stay open for now, although we may limit the number of people allowed in the office at any one time. Please bear with us as plans may change at any point during this ever-evolving situation.  If they do, we’ll keep you updated.


Is your network going to go down because everyone’s using the Internet?

Most of the increased Internet use will happen during the day, when the network is typically underutilized. So, we are confident in our network’s ability to withstand increased daily use.


What happens if my service goes out?

If your service goes out, it won’t be because of the virus–it will be because of technical difficulties. If it’s an Internet outage, try rebooting your modem by unplugging it for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in.

If it’s a TV outage, check your set-top box, tighten cables, check your TV input. To reboot your set-top box, unplug its power cord for 30 seconds then plug it back in.

If it’s a phone outage, make sure your phones are on the hook and your cordless phone batteries are charged (if applicable).  Sometimes, with cordless phones, you need to turn the main unit off then back on. If there is still no dial tone, plug your phone cord into the port labeled TEL 1 on the back of your modem. If it works, keep your phone connected there. If you try these steps to restore your service and still have no luck, call TDS repair from a mobile phone.


What if I can’t pay my bill?

We understand times are chaotic right now. Please do your best to pay your bill on time. We will be waiving late charges for the next 60 days.


Can a technician come in my home for an appointment?

Yes, we still plan to conduct daily installations and make repair calls as necessary. Before scheduling business or in-home visits, we will ask if anyone in the home or business is exhibiting symptoms. If your appointment was set up previous to the outbreak, we would appreciate your cooperation in rescheduling appointments if anyone in your home or business is/or has been sick. Same goes if the status of anyone changes before your scheduled appointment time. Just let us know. 

In addition, any staff that interacts directly with you has received additional hygiene training and sanitation toolkits, to ensure you are both fully protected. 

Please know, during this time, it is up to our technician’s discretion whether to proceed with scheduled appointments. If they arrive at a home to find someone that is sick, they are allowed to ask you to reschedule.


Will my appointment be delayed?

We will do our absolute best to stick to scheduled appointment dates and times. But we are going to ask for your patience when it comes to scheduling as we may encounter unavoidable delays if staff members follow CDC recommendations for self-isolation.


What happens if I am sick?

Please contact us immediately to reschedule any appointment you have set up. It’s in everyone’s best interest. 


I have an installation/service appointment scheduled, is it safe? 

Yes, TDS has modified its process and procedures to offer limited-contact service calls in accordance with CDC guidelines. That means our technicians will take extra steps to minimize their time at your location and maintain proper social distance. Here’s what you can expect when scheduling an appointment or service call with us: 

  • Pre-visit verification calls to minimize time spent within your home or business. The technician assigned to your appointment will call you the day of, to review order details, validate your information, and ask other questions. It is important to answer this call as it will streamline the technician’s visit.
  • Technicians wearing personal protective gear. Every technician will put on fresh personal protective gear before entering your home or business.
  • Implementation of safe social distancing practices. Technicians will need access to relevant work areas in your home or business, however they will ask you to observe appropriate social distance while they do their job.

But if you would prefer to reschedule your appointment, we completely understand.


Can I get free Internet service?

Free Internet service for 60 days is available to anyone who doesn’t currently have our Internet service. This offer is good for anyone with a student in the home or anyone with a financial need.



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