Continuum converting to all-digital TV service

Customers in North Carolina will need a set-top box for each TV to receive channels

Continuum (a TDS®  Company) is in the process of upgrading to all-digital TV service in Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius, and Huntersville, North Carolina. The conversion will take customers from a low-efficient analog video signal to a higher quality digital signal that will free up bandwidth for faster internet speeds in the future.

“The benefits of digital TV are to provide more TV channels, more high definition channels, and to ultimately offer faster internet speeds,” says Julie Maiers, vice president of Marketing and Product Development at TDS.

In order to receive the digital signal, customers must have a set-top box connected to each TV. Without a digital set-top box attached to a TV, the signal will not be able to be displayed. The channel will be dark.

Continuum will provide each customer with up to two free set-top boxes for the first six months. To receive one, customers should visit or call 704-235-6327.

Continuum plans to start analog signal shut down on Jan. 11. The process will be completed in phases and should be done by the middle of February. To avoid TV service interruption and allow adequate time for shipping, customers need to order set-top boxes for each TV in their home before Jan. 11.

“This conversion will provide our customers with the most innovative products and services we have to offer,“ says Maiers. We appreciate everyone’s help in completing the process quickly.”

If you have a TV that does not have a Continuum set-top box, order your free digital equipment online at

December 8, 2020
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